Here are the instructions for downloading the videos to iPad Mini.

These instructions will bypass the usual way to download to iPads through iTunes and a computer. To do this you will need to have an app from the apple app store.

Go to app store and get “EasyGet Download Manager & Downloader”

  • Install EasyGet Downloader
  • Tap “New Download” in lower right corner
  • paste one URL at a time from below into the  space provided.
  • click on “completed” it will show you the ones downloaded

To Watch videos click tools in the lower left corner. Then click quick look. It will bring up the list of videos. Tap on the one you want to watch.

Please be sure to add https:// to the front of the following addresses:



Module 1 week 1


Module 1 week 2 


Module 1 week 3 


Module 1 week 4 


Module 1 week 5 


Module 1 week 6