1. Dollar savings by implementation of the Three Legged Stool System™ will vary depending on? (M1WK1V3)


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2. The most widely used software for the pavement management systems in the State of California are StreetSaver® and MicroPAVER™ (M1W1V4)


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3. Blair mentions a DOT project where ________ of millings are being wasted into a ditch in the middle of a desert fifteen feet deep (M1W1V10)


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4. PCI Ratings will typically drop _________ points per year (M1W1V10)


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5. Blair often states like he does in this video homework clip, “Right Treatment, Right Road, Right Time, Right ___________________ “ (M1W1V11)


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6. Blair say’s “If I thought I could use _______________________ in full depth reclamation of a road to make it better I would!” (M1W1V13)


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7. Jason Gabriel at City of Santa Ana saved _________________ million dollars (M1WK2V3)


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8. During the discussion of the NV DOT there is a phrase on the whiteboard behind Blair that reads “ _________________ is what you get when you read the fine print.” (M1WK2V5)


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9. On the map Blair refers to Pike Road as being listed as a dirt road by the firm that made the maps – however it was actually paved according to the field results (M1WKV6)


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10. It is very difficult to get a City or County’s PCI Rating above an ________________? (M1WKV7)


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11. Blair refers to a book called “The Way of a Leader” from which the statement “Seek the plan, trust the plan, follow the plan” comes from. (M1WK3V3)


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12. In the example of network replacement value of 920 million Blair suggests ___________ million dollars per year to maintain their current PCI Ratings (M1WK3V5)


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13. Pulverizers can actually grind up tree roots into toothpick size fragments during the FDR process (M1WK3V8)


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14. Blair urges your agency to consider taking a _____________________ out to your project level road selections to determine the most appropriate treatment (M1WK3V10)


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15. To identify the sample location during pre-survey stage Blair might use ______________________ ? (M1WK4V1)


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16. Blair gets particularly alarmed when he sees a ____________________ within a high severity alligatored area? (M1WK4V3)


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17. One of the most extreme problems we have at the county level is unsafe rural roads specifically …. (M1WK4V6)


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18. The “X” that Blair paints on the road during the pre survey stage tells the distress survey team where to take ____________________ ? (M1WK4V7)


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19. In the slippage example video Blair points out that the water stains appear to show the water is clearly coming from a broken fire hydrant bell fitting, perhaps even due to a bad thrust block under the road. (M1WK4V9)


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20. Blair recommends additional reading material such as the MS-16 by NCHRP and the Synthesis 401 by the Asphalt Institute (M1WK5V3)


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21. ___________________ is a very powerful tool in StreetSaver® GIS? (WK5PT1V5)


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22. In order to add turn out quantities to PAVER™ and/or StreetSaver® software one must go into the auto-generated total and over ride the contents of that cell with the aggregate total you wish to enter (M1WK5V6)


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23. In PAVER™ if you right click on 11 Patch or any of the 20 distresses for that matter, ______________________ pops up? (M1WK5V8)


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24. The “34 M” that Blair painted onto the roadway in the homework video stands for? (M1WK5V9)


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25. Blair says San Jose is just a blip of America (in reference to the www.mercurynews.com) and we are all destined for _______ infrastructure? (M1WK6V1)


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26. MobileRater is great if you have no phone service? (M1WK6V2)


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27. The proprietary name for the cement slurry Blair describes and shows on the slide is? (M1WK6V4)


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28. The 3 most important things in road building according to Blair? (M1WK6V7)


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29. In the DOT’s trucking movie clip it is predicted that there will be 40-60% more trucks on the road if the weight restrictions remain the same? (M1WK6V9)


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30. When building the reclaimed bases we always try to get 6 extra inches on either side of the intended wearing course platform width? (M1WK6V11)


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