1. __________ is hoarding asphalt away. [M2W1V1]


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2. Only _________% of Americans understand pavement preservation [M2W1V3]


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3. FHWA recognizes HIR and FDR as viable pavement preservation techniques. [M2W1V5]


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4. SHRP II Pavement Preservation by definition is a ________________level long term strategy that enhances pavement performance [M2W1V7]


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5. Only _______% of our roads in America are recycled in place. [M2W1V8]


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6. In previous courses Blair has taught for other institutes, the curriculum videos were __________in the area where specific firms/products were referenced [M2W2V1]


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7. During Hot Crack Sealing you would be better to have the crew wear _____________. [M2W2V3]


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8. In a cul de sac of 5800 square feet the ratio formula mentioned for high severity block crack filling material would calculate out at approximately _______linear feet required. [M2W2V4]


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9. Darold is using the chip seal as a _________layer. [M2W2V5]


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10. The Fibermat process is a surface treatment that utilizes four inch steel fibers. [M2W2V7]


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11. In the Lake Forest Washington Video the hot air lance puts out ______degrees F of hot hair? [M2W2V9]


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12. Jerry was talking about HMA mixes that had up to _____percentage combined mixture of RAP and RAS? [M2W3V1]


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13. You may want to consider doing some _____bids for your small local agency. [M2W3V3]


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14. Paving fabrics can act as ____________during hot and place rehabilitation projects. [M2W3V4]


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15. Dr. John Emery has said there are three ways to actually do a job, “in your books”, “in the laboratory” and “_________” [M2W3V7]


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16. It is imperative to keep the _____________clean. [M2W3V8]


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17. Blair states “if you let asphalt recycling and pavement preservation become part of the three legged stool, you (contractors) will have a lot more _________work” [M2W4V1]


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18. Slurry and Micro are made by “__________” the emulsion and the rock on the job site according to Blair. [M2W4V2]


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19. Roger also calls his thin hot mixed asphalt overlays ____________ which can cause confusion at times. [M2W4V4]


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20. It appears that these days 9 times out of 10 when something breaks down on the equipment it is ____________related. [M2W4V6]


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21. Chassis mount trucks and continuous run operations are two types of MicroSurfacing operations. [M2W4V9]


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22. The ______is a great way to see if your Slurry or MicroSurfacing is ready for traffic. [M2W4V10]


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23. Much like the game of golf, don’t come up to the _______with one club in mind in terms of Pavement Preservation, In Place Asphalt Recyling or Pavement Preservation. [M2W5V1]


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24. Blair suggests going to the FHWA website and signing up for the ____magazine. [M2W5V3]


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25. High percentage RAP mixes are very _______resistant especially soon after installation. [M2W5V5]


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26. Before you allow traffic on the edge milled areas you should plan to_______the area.


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27. SMA mix is easily placed by hand luting. [M2W5V7]


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28. The Oklahoma Turnpike used ______as a wearing course on their HIR projects. [M2W5V9]


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29. The Phoscrete exhibits ______________reaction while setting up.[M2W5V11]


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30. The Silverado Trail project involved __________square yards of UTBWC. [M2W5V12]


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