1. Nevada DOT has saved over ______________ million dollars over the last 25 years?  [M3W1V1]


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2. The contractor placed a _________________ on the 680 to warn motorists of the pending construction delay on the side-road? [M3W1V3]



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3. Decision trees in StreetSaver® Software can be exported from one agency to another?  [M3W1V5]



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4. _________ create 9,343 times the pavement stress per trip vs. 1 SUV? [M3W1V7]



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5. When using _________________ the viscosity of the liquid is changed for about 45 seconds? [M3W1V9]


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6. Blair states that we have ___________ million miles of public roads in America? [M3W2V2]


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7. Michigan is losing nearly __________ million dollars each day in the value of their transportation assets. [M3W2V6]



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8. According to ASCE, Americans spend about 4.2 million hours a year stuck in traffic? [M3W2V9]



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9. Milling machines were originally designed to do _____________________ ?  [M3W3V1]



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10. The Wirtgen 2200 was used at McCollum Airport to remove topsoil and later to remove actual base material to grade? [M3W3V3]



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11. For the most part when bidding variable depth milling (VDM) we use   __________ LBS per SY? [m3W3V7]



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12. In Ontario, Canada the Ministry of Transportation Ontario (MTO) uses the name ______________ to describe what we typically know as foamed asphalt mixes?  [M3W3V9]



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13. FHWA recognizes HIR and CIR as pavement preservation techniques? [M3W4V2]



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14. The ground penetrating radar (GPR) should be correlated with  ___________ results? [M3W4V4]



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15. HIR surface recycling works great on white topping? [M3W4V6]



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16. Manistee County were happy knowing that they could do _____ times as many roads with this process HIR surface recycling? [M3W4V8]



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17. The repaving operation must employ a tack coat layer between the  insitu mat and the new virgin HMA that is applied subsequently? [M3W4V10]



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18. In the project that Blair visits in California, Tom talks about pre- milling _______ and recycling 4 inches with foamed asphalt CIR? [M3W5V1]




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19. It is often said that a multi-unit CIR train and drop its crushing screening operation and become a single unit train? [M3W5V3]



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20. The aged insitu HMA layer coefficient is typically given a value of ___ ?  [M3W5V7]



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21. According to James Emerson, APM, the CIR Train can do about ________  miles per day at a depth of 3 inches? [M3W5V12]



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22. Blair estimates about _________________ million tons of RAP are in that stockpile? [M3W6V1]



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23. Blair coined the phrase “Give us your worst road and we will make it your BEST! [M3W6V3]



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24. Modification of a soil with Portland cement would see about ____ % by  weight of material being utilized? [M3W6V6]


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25. Blair uses a layer coefficient value of 0.40 for a properly constructed bituminous stabilized FDR base? [M3W6V8]


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26. __________________ is your best friend out here?  (Blair discussing FDR with foamed asphalt) [M3W7V3]



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27. For traffic control (MOT) on the Houze Way jobsite Blair had his crew turn traffic _____________ ? [M3W7V5]



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28. Bob Nickelson (PCA) states that additional ______________ can be built into the reclaimed and stabilized Portland cement FDR bases, especially in areas where new industry is coming into town?  [M3W7V8]



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29. A PH of ______ is required for permanent stabilization of plastic soils with quicklime? [M3W7V12]



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30. Blair modified the 30,000 CY of poor soil at the KIA plant with the addition of 3% Type III Portland cement powder? [M3W7V13]



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31. Rocco states that the IPMA™ Academy mission can change our perspective and long term use of how we recycle and our thinking for the future of humanity? [M3W7V14]



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