Quiz 1 Instructions
Quiz 1 Instructions

Quiz One IPMA™ Academy



Through a random systematic selection process we have come up with of 30 multiple choice questions from the core curriculum videos in IPMA™ Academy Module One. We urge that you consider opening up the videos again to review them over the course of this week. Also, we know that a lot of material was covered in a short amount of time. Please allow enough time to take the quiz in one sitting. However, if end up needing to log out, your place in the quiz will be saved and you will be able forward through the quiz to the place you left off at. You will not be allowed to take the quiz a second time without permission from myself and for a valid reason. The quiz will be available for you online for 2 weeks.

We have made this quiz in such a way that you will be able to achieve a high score if you are willing to invest the time and effort. As such, you will find a code next to each of the 30 questions. The code reads like this, M1 WK2 V1 ….. this simply means that the question was derived from material covered in Module One, Week Two, Video One.
Note that there are a few questions specifically designed to “trick” you, but for the most part they are straightforward and if you have listened in well along the way with little distraction you should score know the correct answer. Overall, I believe you will find this quiz much like the Academy Program…. FUNDUCATIONAL!

Again, you are welcome to refer back to any and all notes, open book, open video, and I would encourage you to download the material to your hard drive to expedite the review process.
If you have any questions about the quiz, please email tracey@ipma.co

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