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The Top Ten Reasons to Enroll in IPMA Academy before December 21st.

10.  Registration closes on Dec 21 and you’ll have to wait until 6 months until the course is offered again

9.  IPMA Academy is by far the most comprehensive curriculum for pavement managers that has ever been and may ever be created

8.  Blair has driven over 50,000 miles across America to interview with  pavement management experts and capture live field video and for this curriculum

7.  You will recieve 75  (professional development  hours) PDH credits over the course of 20 weeks.

6.  You will become one of the most knowledgeable pavement managers in your area and in fact the world!

5. You’ll probably get a promotion.

4. You’re going to do more roads with less money and even less carbon footprint

3. You’ll get a free membership in IPMA for one year

2. You’ll get to mastermind with other like minded Accredited Pavement Managers [APM’s]

1.  All Your Questions will be answered through monthly Q&A phone calls and a private 1 hour consultation with Blair

bonus reason:   This course is so good that no one has ever used our 30 day hassle free money back guarantee.

IPMA Academy is teaching agency engineers just like you how to do more with less while increasing your authority, expertise and income.  Whether you are an  agency, a contractor,  a consultant, a supplier or manufacturers Blairs vast wealth of experience can grow your business or save your agency money.

Here’s to a new way to manage roads.


ps. Below is everything you get with the course

1. YES, I understand that spaces are limited based on the availability of teleseminar phone lines that will be used to administer the monthly Q and A sessions with Blair and other Agency Professionals so it is important that I act now before the public registration closes for this bi-annual enrollment period!

2. YES, please enroll me in the 20-week Three Legged Stool System APM(TM) On Line Training Program. I understand this comprehensive program is a well balanced delivery of all things pavement distress evaluation, management, in place asphalt recycling and pavement preservation. The learner will be able to implement the learned technology quickly and efficiently back at their agency office.

Further, they will be able to unlock several mysteries of which techniques to use when and where, from a non-biased university level-learning platform. I understand that I will learn all of the sub disciplines of in place asphalt recycling, the mainstays of the pavement preservation industry and the nuts and bolts of the two most popular pavement management software programs available to man kind, namely MicroPAVER(TM) and StreetSaver®.

3. YES, I understand that the training will start on February 1st in order to collect all payments either in digital format and/or regular checks. There are no additional books, CDs or DVDs required for purchase as the bulk of the material will be online video, with the balance being in the form of downloadable PDFs that you can print off at your home or office.

4. YES, I understand there is a 30-DAY No Hassle 100% Money Back Guarantee. If I am not 100% satisfied with the content delivery after the first three weeks, I can ask Blair for my 100% refund and it will be returned. While this has never happened yet, I guess there is always a first time! I do also abide by the rule that if I don’t let Blair know after the first three weeks of downloadable delivery, that I will gladly watch the rest of the videos, having paid in full for the program.

5. YES, I know that Blair promised me some Bonus Offers in the VIDEOS leading up to the enrollment and registration and I am getting those if I qualify.  Suffice to say that all and any bonuses that we offered, and sometimes we may forget, and need a subtle reminder will be HONORED in full. (thousands of dollars of bonuses were offered based on your status of agency, consultant, contractor member or otherwise).

Bonuses include:

  • Access to a private Facebook group for IMPA Academy Learners only
  • Ask anything Forum – Ask Blair any questions you have
  • 1 Hour ask anything consultation with Blair Barnhardt
  • 1 Year membership to IPMA (International Pavement Management Association)


IPMA Academy is the most comprehensive  Asphalt Pavement Management Training Program ever created.  This 20 week online course covers  Asphalt Pavement Management, In-Place Asphalt Recycling &  Asphalt Preservation

It is the first and only Online APM (Accredited Pavement Manager) Certification Course in existence. In addition to your certification you will receive 75 hours of PDH upon completion of the course.

View the course syllabus: IPMA Academy Syllabus

** Special discount if you enroll more than one person from the same agency.  
Click here for coupon codes to use at check out:  (1 Pay option only)

This 20 week online APM Certification Course is designed to increase participants’ knowledge of a) pavement management and distress evaluation system, b) the three major asphalt pavement in-place recycling techniques (i.e. Hot in Place Recycling, HIR, Cold in Place Recycling, CIR, Full Depth Reclamation, FDR and their respective sub disciplines), and all of the major pavement preservation techniques available to local agencies.

Watch video to find out more about Blair Barnhardt: